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The Beekeeper (2022), oil on canvas, 50 x 40cm


Get To Know Me...

I'm a professionally trained visual artist based in Ireland and Greece. I graduated in 2020 with BA in Art from Carlow Institute of Technology, where I specialised in painting. The main materials I use are oil paint, gouache, pencil and charcoal. Typical subjects explored are landscapes, abstraction, portraiture and still life.

My work explores memory, location and identity. All of which lend to the sense of nostalgia, reflectiveness or occasionally loss, that can be felt in my work. My ideas usually begin with a memory of an event, person or location, while my supporting research material predominately comes from old family photos and archived and found online images. I am interested in Irish society and culture, both past and present and to make comments and comparisons between the two. The research is a hugely important element of the work process as it usually lends to what subject matter will end up as a painting or piece of work.

Please explore my portfolio to see some of my most notable works, many of which are available to purchase. I'm also available for commissions. My paintings can be purchased safely and securely via

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